Some more buildings


Ash said...

Such intricate details....Awesome!

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Peter,

I really love all of the
this great photograpy of buildings in Paris!!!

Just found your blog (through Seda) and we 've been a lot of times to Paris, (may this year) and we would like to go this year again or next year.

I Post about "lots of stuffs' but overall photography and travelling and more, your welcome to viit my blog .

:) JoAnn

Seda said...

Hey Peter,
Thanks for your lovely comments. They meant so much! I am really happy after couple of months not posting anything and still you want me back. I thank you for that.

You should check my blog :)

Rowdy said...

Cool photos.

MONA said...

Wow! These buildings are just breathtaking!

& that gargoyle is awesome! Is that Bacchus if I am not mistaken???